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  • Never wear a hat on a date.
  • Hats are for weekends, errands and ballgames, of course. Think of it this way: don’t wear a hat anywhere you wouldn’t wear a t-shirt. Meaning? They’re not for meeting your girlfriend’s parents the first time, on an interview, or to a place of worship. So wear wisely.
  • When it comes to sports teams, brands and logos…anything subtle and/or obscure get extra points. Think long-retired team colors, and vintage brand names.
  • Keep it clean—ladies rarely go for “grungy hat guy.”
  • Take the stickers off, you heathens! Seriously.
  • Most important? Be proud of the baseball cap styles you choose to wear. Remember, a cap doesn’t hide you. On the contrary, it’s a huge indicator of your personal style, so embrace it and wear yours with confidence!


A baseball cap is one of the best ways for a guy to instantly show something of his personality. Women have tons of options for expressing themselves – skirts, dresses, weird culottes that you can’t tell if they’re shorts, or like…a romper, or something… Pile jewelry and accessories on top of that, and us ladies have about a trillion and two ways for her outfit to say, “This is who I am.”

Guys have – thankfully, or unfortunately, depending on how much you enjoy digging into your closet each morning – far fewer options to convey personality through their clothes.

So accessories play a bigger role.

A well-chosen baseball hat says a lot about a guy. Your chosen or inherited allegiances can be as much a part of your upbringing as Sunday dinners at your great aunt Melinda’s. Maybe more so.

That means, when a guy sports a baseball cap touting his beloved [insert team name here], it’s expressing a piece of himself the same way a woman might wear her grandmother’s wedding ring on a chain around her neck.

So what makes a great baseball cap? For starters, duration of ownership. Longer is better! 

Think about it, your favorite hat is the one you’ve had since forever. Second, character. A great baseball cap’s brim is perfectly bent. Free of (visible) sweat rings, but bearing scuffs and fading from years of use – those marks show that your hat has seen you through a lot of life. And that’s a story we want to know more about.



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